Headshot of sex educator and presenter Sabrina MorganSabrina Morgan is a relationship coach, a sex educator, and an advocate for sexual rights and freedom of gender expression. Fascinated with the messy places where society and sexuality intersect, she has been working with clients since 2005 and presenting on navigating the world of sex and relationships since 2009.

Working directly with others’ sexuality, gender, and relationship challenges has given her a deft sensitivity to the needs of those exploring new facets of their selves and an understanding of the power of sex and relationship coaching for adults. A firm believer in continuing education for all adults exploring sex and relationships, Sabrina presents internationally on kink, polyamory, and dating as well as sex workers’ rights issues, human trafficking, media, advocacy, and policy at venues ranging from private workshops to SXSW. She offers college lectures, group workshops, private coaching, and distance classes, and has shot educational videos for both Kink Academy and Passionate U.

Interested in workshops, private coaching, or in having Sabrina speak at your conference, event, or store? Contact sabrina@sabrinamorgan.com to get started.

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